Midnight Thoughts

I love how we met out of happenstance. The beauty of never having the idea of what's to come. It has been torture just to linger endlessly in a city that never sleeps. I've been lured with the trend of insomnia of broken hearts. I wish I was better at being available. At being able to communicate with how i felt. I knew I eventually needed to place my heart on my sleeve or maybe a couple of sign boards for better advertising.

Let me be clear that I was indeed desperate but not to the point that anybody was fine by me. I only wish that I was good enough for one to live entirely on the idea that my existence means something.

I will forever be peculiar on how I think and feel about life and love. To how shadows creep behind our sore ankles, tired of walking in this monotonous world. I easily get bored of how simple humans think with life has to offer. To the wounds inflicted by the greedy and the unaffectionate.

p/s : I'm the original owner of this heart, but you'll forever occupy the biggest part.


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