Phuket, Thailand

Travel Date  :  22nd December - 24th December 2016

Day 1 

  • KUL - HKT 14:45 - 15:10 (ETA)  - 1 hr 25 min 
  • Get Mini Van to Patong beach (Grand Orchid Inn Hotel) - THB 180 . There's a counter for transportation booking near the Arrival hall and more counters at the outside of the Airport. 
  • Bought Mobile Sim Card for 10 days with unlimited data  - THB 450
  • Check- In Grand Orchid Inn (Booked from - Recommended hotel
  • Night activities : Find the best offer for Island Tour (I've got THB 1,550 for Phi Phi Island Tour includes Snorkeling equipment &  Halal Lunch Buffet at Phi Phi Don) 
  • Bought ferry ticket to Krabi (24th Dec) with the same agent - THB750 

Day 2
  • Transfer from hotel to Meeting Point by MiniVan for Phi Phi tour at 8:00 am.
  • Briefing by Tour Guide
  • Get on the boat (Speedboat)
  • Visit Maya Bay, Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Pileh Lagoon, Phi Phi Don and Khai Nai Island. 
  • Back to Meeting point. 
  • Hotel transfer by MiniVan.
  • Night activities : Explore Walking Street, Bangla Road, Jungceylon Mall and Night Market 

Day 3
  • Check-Out
  • Pier transfer by MiniVan - 7:45  am (Just wait at the lobby)
  • Ferry transfer to Krabi (Ao nang) - (EA 2 - 3 hours)

Tips / Info : 
  • Find cheapest flight fare with Skyscanner
  • Grand Orchid Inn is recommended for traveller and family trip. 5-7 minutes walk distance to Patong beach and near to Halal Restaurants.
  • Because of the unstable currency (MYR), try to find hotel with immediate confirmation and not pay upon arrival. Budget might be increased when you pay at the properties.
  • If you prefer a peaceful trip, don't stay near to Bangla Road.
  • Foods are expensive in Patong Beach.
  • Ferry transfer to Krabi includes (Minivan - Ferry - Tuk Tuk to Hotel in Ao Nang, Krabi)
  • Air conditioned bus also available to transfer from Phuket - Krabi from Bus Terminal 2.
  • Book island tour at Patong Beach (Avoid booking at the Airport)
  • You can choose to go to Phi Phi Island from Phuket or Krabi. ( I suggest you to go to Phi Phi from Phuket and go to 7 Island + sunset tour from Krabi)

Budget (In Phuket) : 
  • THB 180 ( Hotel Transfer from Airport by Minivan)
  • THB 450 (Sim Card)
  • THB 1,521 (Hotel : 3D2N)
  • THB 1,550 (Phi Phi Island Tour)
  • THB Total : THB 3,701
  • MYR Total :  MYR 463.90 +  MYR 139.90 (Malindo air : One Way) =  MYR 603.80


1: Transport booking counter (Inside the Airport)
2: Transport booking counter (Outside the Airport)
3: Minivan transfer to hotel
4: Grand Orchid Inn Hotel
5: Phi Phi Tour briefing by Ms. Mary (She/He's so funny)
6: Long Tail Boat at Maya Bay
7: Khai Nai Island. White sand beach (So beautiful)
8: Halal Sandwich at patong beach ( From hotel, walk on the left side of the walking street)
9: Entrance to Bangla Road (Patong's liveliest party zone)


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  1. Halal Lunch Buffet tu makan apa..? all seafood ke..? :)
    sebab my pokchik is tak makan seafood.. hehehehee.. risau sangat bab makan kalau nak ajak dia gi Thai.


    1. Tak lah, ada macam-macam. Dan memang confident ianya halal. Tukang masak dia pun muslim. Sembang dengan orang sana, memang diorang kena buat halal food sebab ada ramai traveller muslim dah sekarang pergi bercuti ke sana. So mmg ada macam-macam. Dan diorang masak, sedap lah.. i makan banyak hrtu sbb dah kelaparan dr pagi mmg tak sarapan. Diorang hidang snacks juga.. buah-buahan. Tembikai & nenas dekat Khai Nai island. So, memang bab makan memang tak risau. =)

      Yang penting yakin.. haha


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