Krabi, Thailand

Sunset - Ao Nang Beach

Travel Date  :  24th December - 26th December 2016

Day 1 

  • Ferry Transfer from Phuket to Aonang Pier. (EA 2 hours) THB 750  / (You can get direct flight from KUL - KBV)
  • Tuk tuk transfer from pier to hotel (KL House Aonang) - included
  • Check-In KL House Aonang (Booked with Agoda) - THB 1,066.20 (3D 2N)
  • Mr Tar, the receptionist guy was so helpful. You can book Island tour from the hotel too. Don't forget to ask for discount because you stay at the hotel. 
  • I chose 7 Island Tour + Sunset for THB 1,100 (includes Halal Dinner - buffet On Railay Island, snorkeling equipment and pier transfer)

Day 2
  • Transfer from hotel to pier by tuk tuk at 13:30 pm (Wait at the lobby)
  • Briefing 
  • You need to pay THB10 to use the bridge at the pier #lulz 
  • Transfer to big boat by Longtail boat from the pier.
  • 7 islands tour includes (Tup island, Tang Ming Island, Si Island, Deep water solo, Chicken Island, Poda Island, Phra Nang Cave and Sunset)
  • Dinner and Fire Show on Railay Island
  • Night Snorkeling & swimming - see phytoplankton on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches.
  • Back to the pier
  • Hotel transfer by tuk tuk.

Day 3
  • Check-Out

Tips / Info : 
  • Booked 7 island tour + sunset with longtail boat to get cheaper price rather than speedboat, but on the tour day, everyone was transferred to a big boat and it was so amazing to chill on the deck area.
  • For island tour, there's a lot of brochures from different travel agencies. Choose "THE LUCKY KRABI TRAVEL" brochure and try to get the best deal.
  • Halal Restaurant available across the street.
  • Only 700 meters from the beach, K.L. House is in the tourist-friendly heart of Ao Nang, within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, shops, convenience stores.
  • Ao Nang Beach is not the white sandy beach with crystal clear water, and during high tide, the sand practically disappears. ( You have to go on tour to get perfect underwater photos. haha) #akutertipu 
  • Foods are expensive. Choose wisely when dining out or bring your own food.
  • You might pay THB90-THB100 for a bowl of chicken Tom Yam..haha (Dalam RM11-RM12 Semangkuk..gituuhhh~)

Budget (In Krabi) : 
  • THB 750 ( Ferry transfer from Phuket - Ao Nang (Krabi))
  • THB 1,066.20 ( K.L House Aonang Hotel) - 3D2N
  • THB 1,100 (7 island tour + Sunset with Buffet Dinner and Fire show)
  • THB 10 (Pier)
  • THB Total : THB 2,926.20
  • MYR Total :  MYR 366.80 

On ferry From Rassada Pier, Phuket to Ao Nang (Krabi)

1: Ao Nang beach
2: Mosque in Ao Nang (300m from hotel)
3: K.L House Aonang Hotel 
4: Big boat for island tour.
5: Poda Island - Snorkeling & Swimming
6: Tup Island - Snorkeling & Swimming
7: Chicken Island
8: Sunset 
9: Fire show on Railay Island


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