Koh Lipe, Thailand

Crystal Clear Water

Travel Date  :  26th December - 28th December 2016

Day 1 

  • Transfered from Krabi (Hotel) to Hat Yao Pier by Minivan around 9:15 am (Just wait at the lobby) - I bought ferry ticket online with Tigerline before my departure date. THB1,090 (includes shuttle to Hat Yao pier)
  • Check In at Hat Yao Pier.
  • Ferry transfer to Koh Lipe (3 hours or depends on weather) 
  • Arrived at Koh Lipe around 7:00 pm. Dropped-off on a barge near Koh Lipe Beach (You need to pay THB200 for National Park + THB50 for long tail boat on the barge)
  • Transfer to beach by long tail boat.
  • Check-In (Davy Jones Locker Hotel THB7000 : 3D2N) - (Mahal sbb masa nak booking byk hotel dh penuh)
  • Walked around the Walking Street to find the best Island Tour for the next day. 
  • I've got THB550 for 4 island tour (includes snorkeling equipment, halal lunch and snacks) and also, i bought boat ticket to Pak Bara Pier on 28th for THB500.

Day 2
  • Assembled at meeting point near the beach
  • Briefing
  • Divide into groups
  • Go to island tour with Long tail boat. The tour guide was helpful. Not talking too much but he can speaks bahasa. ( Many people can speak bahasa in Lipe)
  • Visit Jabang, Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Rawi, Koh Adang and Koh Yang. ( Actually, i went to 6 locations but can't remember the other 1 place. Sorry)
  • Back to Koh Lipe 
  • Walked around the Walking Street again and try some Thai food for dinner.

Day 3
  • Check-Out 
  • Assemble and Check in for boat transfer to Pak Bara Pier around 11:00 am.

Tips / Info : 
  • Not only human travel to Lipe. There are so many dogs in lipe too. 
  • Lipe has 3 beaches. Pattaya, Sunrise and Sunset. Boat drop-off at Pattaya. If you stay at sunrise / sunset beach area, you need to walk accross the Walking Street to your hotel. 
  • Lipe has clear water beach. Go swim / snorkeling and enjoy the sunset in the evening. Beware of Sea urchins
  • Halal Restaurant available in Walking Street area. (Try Roti Mina restaurant)
  • Seaside hotel is recommended for budget traveller. Near to walking street and boat drop-off point.
  • On island tour, if you feel curious about how they process the chicken, take the 'Nasi goreng seafood' for lunch . - It was so delicious. (mungkin sebab lapar gila..heh~)
  • Pay National Park fee on barge upon arrival. And bring the receipt when you go to island tour. They will check the receipt later.
  • If you transfer to Pakbara pier by speedboat, make sure you just wear your sandals and easy dry clothes. I advice you to wrap your bag with rain cover (for backpackers)
  • You can go to Koh Lipe from Langkawi, Malaysia too. 

Budget (In Koh Lipe) : 
  • THB 1,090 ( Ferry from Krabi to Koh Lipe)
  • THB 7,000 ( Davy Jones Locker Hotel) - 3D2N
  • THB 550  (4 island tour with lunch)
  • THB 50 (long tail boat)
  • THB 200 ( National Park ) 
  • THB 500 (Boat ticket to Pak Bara pier)
  • THB Total : THB 9,390
  • MYR Total :  MYR 1,176.80 (Over budget because of the hotel. Book hotel early so you can get more options.)


On Board, from Krabi to Koh Lipe
Boarding on speedboat to transfer to Pak bara pier.
Took this photo myself with gopro. It was raining actually but i loved to capture this moment.
Can't stop myself. Photo was taken after swimming at Lipe beach before the sunset.


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  1. zhi, out of topic sikit. go pro berbaloi tak? I mean i tgh ushar samada go pro or action camera brand olympus

    1. Pengalaman i pakai GoPro Hero4 Silver dan Hero5 Black, so far i suka juga dgn GoPro. Kalau underwater pun video cantik. Lagi 1 kelebihan GoPro ni ada wide view. Kalau hero5 ada Wide, Superwide, Liner, Medium view. So rasa lagi puas hati. I tak de experience dengan Olympus melainkan dulu try kakak punya DSLR. Memang mengecewakan kualiti dia. Tak tau lah kalau depa buat action camera ni ok pulak.

      But kalau rasa Gopro mahal sangat, boleh guna SJCAM. Abg i pakai SJCAM, kualiti not bad. Jangan lupa cari yg ada Wifi. So senang nak connect dengan device lain nanti. =)

      Kalau beli barang yg biasa org lain beli, kalau ada problem senang. Boleh research pengalaman org lain. Kalau beli brg rare ni, risau ada masalah hadap sorang2 .. heheh..

      Pendapat saja. Ikut u juga nak macam mana.. =)

      Good day!

    2. Thank you Zhi for explanation.
      Take care :)

    3. No Problem Nad.. =) You too.


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